Volunteer to help at Arkansas Rice Depot: food drives and other activities. Your group can help our charity end hunger

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Arkansas Rice Depot couldn't fulfill our mission without the dedication of our volunteers. You can help!

In 2013, more than 8,000 volunteers at our warehouse worked over 25,000 hours – that adds up to nearly ten full time staff positions! Volunteers are an important part of Arkansas Rice Depot's mission of feeding the hungry. But you can meet the needs of the hungry in Arkansas without stepping through our warehouse doors.

  • Food drives for Food For Kids and Food For Seniors help us ensure that thousands of children and seniors in our state will not go hungry. And there are some really creative ways to encourage participation among your group! Create a competition in your church, school, or office to see which class or department can collect the most food. Or leave bags with a food list and a note saying when you'll return to pick food up on the doorsteps of your neighbors. Download a list of foods here.
  • Collect supplies for our disaster relief kits and host a kit making party. These kits will be a huge resource as we get in to Arkansas's disaster season. Click here for more details.
  • Get together with friends and create kits with a day's food for Food For Kids. A one gallon ziplock bag will hold everything that a kid will need for one day, and will make the packing process stress-free for the Food For Kids Coordinators in our schools!
  • Take your family to your local grocery store and shop for the Arkansas Rice Depot. Have your children pick out the kid-friendly items on our Food For Kids wish list while you teach them about helping the hungry in Arkansas.
  • Pray for what the Arkansas Rice Depot is doing, and that we would be able to make sure that no one in Arkansas will be hungry!
  • Even if you're pressed for time, your financial gift can still help us help those in need. Give now!

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