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About Arkansas Rice Depot

Our Story

Way back in 1982, a few caring Arkansans noticed there were a lot of children, families and senior citizens going to bed hungry right here in Arkansas. Many food pantries were struggling for supplies. The cupboard was bare at the shelters.

Children were hungry. So these folks organized and looked for food. And they found rice. Home-grown, nourishing and inexpensive rice. They paid for it out of their own pockets and gave it to anyone in need.

Soon word spread about this organization that provided free rice to any group willing to fight hunger in their community. And the Arkansas Rice Depot was born.

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Quick facts

Arkansas Rice Depot was formed in 1982 to combat hunger in Arkansas.

  • Arkansas Rice Depot distributes over 9 million pounds of food each year
  • We feed as much as 15% of the state’s population
  • We are a faith based foodbank.
  • We are Arkansans feeding Arkansans. We are not a part of a national organization.
  • The largest percentage of our donations comes from individual donors.

Three Core Programs
We fulfill this mission through three core programs:

  • Food For Families: Our statewide free food bank serves church and community hunger organizations
  • Food For Kids: Backpacks of food and supplies are sent home with children having problems in school due to hunger at home
  • Food For Seniors: Home-delivered food boxes given each month to seniors


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